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Terms and Conditions:

Shipping Methods:

Order will be shipped via Express Delivery (EMS by post office), or Registered Airmail / Surface mail with tracking number or other methods upon requested. It will take around 1 - 3 working days for delivery. Insurance service will  be provided at extra cost for EMS (actual cost over USD 130 or equivalent amount, with matching declared value) and Registered Airmail  (Parcel) / Surface mail.

Shipping Fees:

It will be charged at ACTUAL cost, while in some occasions, handling fees will be applicable. For details, please contact us.

Payment Methods:

We accept various types of methods, say Paypal, Western Union and Wire Transfer. Please contact us for details. For payment over USD 600, only wire transfer can be accepted (unless special arrangement is made.) The buyer shall respond the transaction fees (e.g, paypal fees, western union fees, bank charges, etc) for the transaction.


Customs and Taxes:

We can declare the package as a gift at low value in order to minimize your import charges (under your request, otherwise we will write down the full amount that you paid). All taxes and fees are solely up to your country's authority. You may be responsible for any of your government charges. Also, if you want the package to be fully insured, please inform us in advance and full value shall be declared to fulfil the insurance policy. 

Lost Packages:

If your don't receive your order within 14 working days, please contact us and we'll track it for you. If it is lost, we will try our best to recover your loss from the related agent (given the package is insured and under the full support of the buyer). We don't respond for any incorrect address has been given by you.

Return Policy:

We will take detail photos before you paid for the item you want. It will be the exact condition that you will receive after you paid for that. Once you paid, that means you have accepted and agreed with the item condition. We will not respond for any return or refund if the buyer said he/she doesn't know the condition of the item.

If you simply doesn't like the game after you bought and played for 1 time or so, PLEASE DO NOT  buy from us. Please understand that we are not a rental company and we will only deal with serious buyer only.

To avoid time waster, 70% of the payment will be treated as penalty if the buyer insists to return the item as stated on the above situation. We will only refund 30% back if the condition of the game is exactly the same as we sent it out. Otherwise, further deduction will be executed, depends on actual situation. Time waster will be blacklisted.

All items are being tested before leaving our hands and we assume it will be in same condition when you received it. We pack them in multi-wrapping hard box and no damage is expected. If the item you received is out of order (have to be confirmed after our test), please contact us within 48 hours. We will either arrange another product or refund after you shipped the item back to us.  The policy does not cover damage due to improper operation or maintenance.

Condition rating scale:

Below is the condition rating scale for the game in this website:

New (~10/10) > Mint (~9/10) > Near Mint (~8/10) (w/ + & -)

> Excellent (w/ + & -) (~7/10) > Good (~5/10) > Fair / Gamer (~3-4/10)

> Poor (~1-2/10)



We reserve the right to decline any order for any reason. Payment will be refunded. Prices are subjected to change without prior notice.

Should you have any questions, please contact us at skywaypro_neogameshopl@hotmail.com





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