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Welcome to Bootleg Gallery

(for Neo Geo CD and Neo Geo Pocket)

     Feel free to submit photos if you have any interesting items for Counterfeit / Bootleg items!

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Here are some Counterfeit / Bootleg items:

For Neo Geo CD

Some completed copy with everything. These are typical example of mass production (in the mid 90's, CD writers/ CDR is still very expensive!) They used different covers for CD and those manual and spine card are made of low quality paper. They looks like view from the outside but you must able to identify it once you see the disc or touch the manual.
Just a color-print of the first page of manual/art + CDR, a low quality production (apply for latest release)
Some more titles in different formats
The highest quality that i have seen so far! Everything are almost the same as the real one.

A little Quiz : Can you identify which one is real ?

For Neo Geo Pocket

Nowadays you can still find these on the market, however some of them are really hard to find. Most of them are produced in multi-cart format, which allow you to have more than one game  in one cart. As you can see in the photos below, the size is double or even triple of the original one. You can distinguish them from the original one easily.

The photo at the bottom right hand side is an exception, a single game cart - The Last Blade . It used the same case of 9 in 1/12 in 1.


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